(27 OCTOBER 2023)

Programme Overview

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8.30am – 9.00am



  • Opening Ceremony
  • Launch of Singapore Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sarcopenia


9.00am – 10.00am



  • Plenary 1: Addressing Frailty and Resilience in a Super-aging Society – Prof Hidenori ARAI, Japan


  • Plenary 2: Sarcopenia Definition, Diagnosis and Treatment: Where are we in 2023?– Prof Avan SAYER, UK


10.00am – 10.30am



  • Tea Break

10.30am – 12.00pm



  • Symposium (1) Advances in Muscle Health/Sarcopenia
    • Dietary factors in sarcopenia & frailty: Insights from the Singapore Chinese Health Study – Prof KOH Woon Puay , Singapore
    • Sarcopenic Obesity: Controversies, updates and next steps – Dr LIM Jun-Pei, Singapore
    • Sarcopenic dysphagia: Diagnosis and treatment with rehabilitation nutrition – Prof Hidetaka WAKABAYASHI, Japan
    • Assessment of muscle mass and muscle quality: Rethinking the role of DXA and BIA – Prof WON Chang-Won, Korea


  • Symposium (2) Frailty-Resilient: Trends in Multi-dimensional Frailty
    • Cognitive frailty: frontiers and challenges – Dr Taiki SUGIMOTO, Japan
    • Accelerated aging, frailty and associated factors – Prof JUNG Heewon, Korea
    • Disentangling the relationship between Intrinsic Capacity and Frailty – Dr Justin CHEW, Singapore
    • Cardiac Frailty: A new Geriatric Syndrome? – A/Prof Angela KOH, Singapore


12.00pm – 2.00pm



  • Exhibition and Poster Session


  • Lunch Symposium Sponsored by Abbott
    • Preventing and Addressing Sarcopenia in Community Dwelling Older Adults in Singapore
      • The SHIELD Study: highlighting the impact of specialised nutritional intervention on muscle health and clinical outcomes in community dwelling older adults at risk of malnutrition – A/Prof Samuel CHEW Teong Huang, Singapore
      • Strengthening Muscle Health of Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Singapore: Evidence Towards Clinical Implementation – Prof Andrea MAIER, Singapore


2.00pm – 3.30pm



  • Oral Presentation (1)
    • Preoperative frailty and one-year functional recovery in elderly patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery – Dr Chia Ching Yee, Singapore
    • Beneficial Effects of a 12-Month Multidomain Intervention Program on Physical Activity and Brain Volumes among Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Physio-Cognitive Decline Syndrome – A/Prof Peng Li-Ning, Taiwan
    • Frailty and impact on quality of life in older adults receiving curative cancer treatment – Findings from the GOSPEL study – Dr Tan Hui Min, Singapore
    • Effectiveness of a Modified Fitness Instructor-Led Community-Based Early Frailty Intervention Programme for Older Adults – Dr Kamala Priya Jayaprakash, Singapore
    • Comparison of CFS-A and CFS-Fast with functional outcomes in a community-dwelling population – Dr Grace Chia, Singapore


  • Oral Presentation (2)
    • Deep Learning measurement of total Psoas Muscle Volumes for prediction of sarcopenia on CT scans – Dr Desmond Lim Shi Wei, Singapore
    • Adapting the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia (AWGS) 2019 Guidelines for Community-dwelling Older Adults in Singapore – Dr Lim Ying Jun, Singapore
    • Association Between Frailty, Sarcopenia, and Establishment of Exercise Habits in Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients – Mr Tsubasa Yokote, Japan
    • In home intervention improves Muscle Mass and Bone Density in people with Parkinson’s Disease – Dr Miriam Van Emde Boas, United States
    • Behaviour change interventions for management of frailty and sarcopenia – a primary care pilot – Dr David Ng Wei Liang, Singapore


3.30pm – 4.00pm



  • Tea Break


4.00pm – 5.00pm



  • Plenary 3: Healthy Aging and ICOPE – From Concept to Implementation – Prof Matteo CESARI, Italy


  • Plenary 4: Forging a Frailty Resilient Health System – The Singapore Journey – Prof LIM Wee-Shiong, Singapore